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Sutton Landcare meeting

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14 Aug 2012 - 7:30pm

The Environmental history of Locust and Grasshopper Outbreaks

The next meeting of Sutton Landcare is on Tuesday 14 August at 7.30 pm at Sutton school.

At 8.00 pm, our speaker, Ted Deveson, will address us on the environmental history of locust and grasshopper infestations in Australia. Ted is the forecasting and information officer at the Australian Plague Locust Commission in Canberra.

He is currently researching the environmental history of locust and grasshopper infestations, focussing on the main pest species, the Australian plague locust, which is an occasional visitor rather than a resident of this district

The presentation will show some of the most common species found in the local region, and outline grasshopper lifecycles and general ecology. It will deal more broadly with locusts and pest grasshoppers in inland Australia, how they are different, and the patterns of ‘plague’ infestations.

The meeting provides an opportunity for us to increase our understanding of this fascinating, if somewhat annoying, pest which visits us from time to time.

All interested persons are welcome to attend. Further details about the meeting can be obtained from our secretary Tony Redman (ph62303266) or David Vincent (62303584).


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