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Landcare Week

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3 Sep 2012 - 9:00am

Landcare In 2012, the National Landcare Week campaign date is Monday September 3rd to Sunday September 9th.

Landcare Week is the annual awareness raising activity of the Landcare movement. The purpose of the campaign is to assist groups around Australia build resilience, create awareness in their community and encourage participation.

These groups are varied in nature and many do not include Landcare in their name but are still captured under the Landcare banner due to them being individuals or groups of volunteers who tackle environmental issues at a local level. Thus Landcare and Coastcare also include many farmers embracing sustainable farm management, ‘friends of’ groups as well as Bushcare, Rivercare, Coastcare, Junior Landcare and many other voluntary environmental organisations.

If your group is interested in holding an activity during Landcare Week, there are a number of resources now available to help you promote your event - check out the Landcare Australia Ltd website to download free promotional material, and register your event for wider promotion.

The Landcare movement need volunteers to help with a variety of activities including weeding, tree planting, revegation projects, building nest boxes for habitat, litter removal, building walkways, fauna and flora surveys, photography, web site support, writing newsletters, assistance with applications for funding and much more.

» http://www.landcareonline.com.au/donate/landcare-australia-campaigns/


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