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Junior Landcare Garden Grants

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5 Oct 2011 - 5:00pm

Coles and Yates are working together with Junior Landcare to offer $10,000 worth of Garden Grants to schools and youth groups. The program is being run as a competition, with a $5,000 grant up for grabs, as well as five $1,000 grants.

To enter, you need to collect and retain receipts for 50 Yates products purchased between 25 August and 5 October 2011. You then need to outline (in 100 words or less) how your group would spend the grant on your garden.

Full details on the competition, along with a link to the entry form, are available on the Landcare Australia website at: www.landcareonline.com.au/news/archive/junior-landcare-yates-coles-garden-grants

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