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Changes to NSW government departments

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MAJOR changes to the NSW Govt departments have been released.

  • DNR is GONE
  • DEC is now DECC (Environment & Climate Change)
  • DECC has taken CMAs, Native Vegetation, Environmental Water, Coastal stuff, and Soils policy from DNR
  • DECC also taken Fisheries (habitat protection and threatened species) from DPI
  • DECC also takes Greenhouse Office from The Cabinet Office
  • Report to Minister for Climate Change, Environment and Water (Koperberg)
  • Unsure of role of Minister Assisting Minister for CCEW (Environment) (Verity Firth)

New Dept of Water & Energy (DWE)

  • DWE takes Water Mgt stuff (except environmental water) from DNR
  • DWE takes Murray Darling Basin (incl. links to new Aust Govt Water Plan)
  • Reports to Minister for CCEW (Koperberg) and Minister for Energy

DPI survives

  • DPI takes soil con service (salinity and acid sulphate soils) from DNR
  • DPI takes forestry from DNR
  • Still reports to Macdonald

Departmental changes don't come into effect until 23rd April.

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