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Box-Gum Grassy Woodlands - biodiversity surveys & fauna spotting

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11 Dec 2010 - 6:30pm

Communities in Landscapes
Biodiversity asset surveys & fauna spotting community BBQ

Surveys 11th & 12th Dec.
BBQ 13th Dec. @ Book Book Reserve near the
Book Book tennis court – off the Tumbarumba Rd
Conservation Management Network
Surveys 13th & 14th Dec.
BBQ 13th Dec. @ Book Book Reserve

Surveyor Rick Webster

6:30pm BBQ provided for all interested people
7:15 pm Bird spotting for beginners
8:00pm Fauna spotlighting
9:00 pm conclude

For further information contact:
Kimberley Beattie
Community Woodlands Officer – Murrumbidgee
Phone: 0457 953 777
Email: kbeattie@landcarensw.org.au
Or Toni McLeish Coordinator GBW CMN on 0419 400 309


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