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Cotton market planning course - Griffith

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23 Aug 2018 - 8:30am
Do you know your market signals in a year of volatility?
This course is designed for cotton growers wanting to understand forward markets and other commodity market signals, and to apply this knowledge to selling alternatives and pricing strategies under price volatility. This is a course leading to market understanding and selling-pricing strategy application. 
For more information, and to register, download the brochure here.
Course content
The two-day course is divided into four half-day sections:
1. Risk evaluation
2. Basis and markets
3. Fixed versus flexible strategies
4. Strategy evaluation
Topics covered will include:
  • commodity market analysis
  • cotton skewness and volatility
  • price and basis determination
  • forward market characteristics
  • risk transfer and trade-offs
  • market positioning
  • off-setting mechanisms
  • forward contracting
  • futures markets
  • hedging risks
  • OTC products
  • incorporating flexibility into pricing strategies
  • reading an options market
  • options hedging
  • designing flexible strategies
  • strategy evaluation
  • currency market, and
  • currency risk management. 
Course presenter
Dr. John Williams will be presenting the two-day course. John is the Managing Director of the Food and Fibre Supply Chain Institute and the Senior Researcher at the Australian Commodity Research Institute. He facilitated intensive training programs for cotton growers and merchants in northern NSW during 1998 to 2002 working closely with Geoff Dunlop at the Cotton Training facility in Moree. 
His flagship February five-day commodity course has been conducted in Melbourne for the past 23 years, and he has facilitated Agricultural Commodity Price Risk Management courses in all States, training Australian agricultural producers, merchants, and end-users. He has conducted training programs for merchants and end-users in China and South Korea. He co-authored the 1999 book Agricultural Price Risk Management: The Principles of Commodity Trading and authored the 2014 book Agricultural Supply Chains and the Challenge of Price Risk. John is employed by some large growers and merchants as a commodity analyst and has been an adviser on food supply chains for Middle Eastern countries.
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