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Farm decision making and climate change: Opportunity to participate

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Decisions land managers make are based on research, training and often ‘rules of thumb’. These rules of thumb can guide decisions such as when to join, what pastures perform better, what paddocks you use for off shears etc.
Variations we are beginning to experience as part of climate change may have an influence on these accepted rules of thumb. Researchers from the Australian National University and University of Technology Sydney have a current research project exploring agricultural adaptations to climate change and are looking for land managers to help them!
If you choose to participate in this study, researchers will ask you to:
  • Complete discussions, either in person or over the phone (up to 3 in the year)
  • Attend one or two (1 day) workshops over the year

Researchers would schedule activities around your availability.

Through combining the expertise of the farmes involved in the study with the research from ANU and UTS, the researchers will develop rules-of-thumb which are useful and appropriate to climate change adaptation decision-making.
For more information, view the project fact sheet here, or contact  Steven Crimp, ANU - (02) 6125 7265 or steven.crimp@anu.edu.au.
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