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Succession planning: Dos and don'ts - Webinar

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10 Apr 2018 - 1:00pm
Do you know what’s going to happen to the family property and business when your parents want to retire? How will they fund their retirement?
Do you know if your kids want to take on the business?
It all comes back to communication and planning and it’s a situation every family business faces. So, how do you work through this process to find the best outcome for all parties? Join us for a short webinar to find out more!
  • We’ll talk through the lessons from a series of in-depth succession planning farming case studies from across Australia. They feature both businesses who will successfully continue and those which will not. Compelling viewing for members of any farming family who are serious about succession planning.
  • Understand what the key outcomes of the succession planning process need to be - sufficient funds for retirement, handing on a viable farm, and providing for the next generation while ensuring they are satisfied with their deal, now and in the future.
  • Hear from the experts! Mike Stephens of Meridian Agriculture has been specialising in succession with farming families for over twenty years and will be presenting the learnings from these case studies. 
Registration: Register online here.
To connect your audio during the webinar
Phone: 02 9037-0069
Access code: 579 140 829
For more information: Angela McClelland, Meridian Agriculture, 03 5341 6100 or amcclelland@meridian-ag.com.au 
This project Farm Success Enabling Case Studies is funded through the MLA Donor Company and Meridian Agriculture.


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