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Rice industry field day - Yanco

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15 Mar 2018 - 9:00am
The 2018 Rice Industry Field Day will be helkd at the Yanco Agricultural Institute, with the theme: Research for today, rice for the future.
The event will feature research and development at the Yanco Agricultural Institute facilities by researchers, both in the field and at displays, followed by a SunRice business update.
Speakers include:
  • Brian Dunn (NSW DPI): Agronomic trials, including aerobic rice trials and water use on different sowing methods compared to the traditional water seeded method
  • Rachel Wood (NSW DPI & Functional Grain Centre): Factors that affect whole grain yield in rice
  • Mark Stevens (NSW DPI): Pests, including trial work on snails and armyworms
  • Peter Snell (NSW DPI): The rice breeding program, including an inspection of new varieties and the processes being undertaken to breed a new variety
Displays featuring cross-pollination of rice, insect and disease demonstrations and much more will be available for viewing during morning tea and the lunch break. What an opportunity to talk one-on-one with researchers or to discover research that you were unaware of!
An important part of the day will be after lunch when Rob Gordon (SunRice CEO) and Laurie Arthur (Sunrice Chairman) will provide a SunRice business update.

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