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Australian Flora Foundation - Research grants

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15 Mar 2018 (All day)
The Australian Flora Foundation was established in 1981 with the aim of fostering scientific research on the biology and cultivation of Australian plants. Grants are available for between two and four projects at $5,000 - $15,000/year each in 2019 with possible extension into 2020. Typically, projects are funded up to $10,000 per annum for two years or up to $15,000 for one year.
Applications for grants to support original scientific projects on the biology and cultivation of Australian plants are invited from research workers in Australia. The Australian Flora Foundation will consider all relevant applications, with special interest in the following categories:
  1. conservation of Australian plant diversity, particularly where there are threats from climate change
  2. the cultivation of Australian plants, to ensure their survival and reduce the threat to native ecosystems
  3. rare and endangered plants.

All applications on rare and endangered plants should indicate how the research relates to the known management plan for the species. The Foundation does not fund projects that are for conference travel, publications, research on orchids, or taxonomy. It gives a low priority to flora surveys per se or studies of marine plants.

Projects must be scientifically sound and aim to provide outcomes within the period of the grant. Applicants must be suitably qualified or identify a qualified project supervisor. Just one principal investigator.
Applications must be accompanied by a grant application administration fee, currently $55. The applicant is also given one year’s membership of the Foundation. Members of the Foundation are exempt from this fee, yearly membership is $33. Should you be considering becoming a member, go to http://aff.org.au/join-aff/become-a-member/
Preliminary applications
Applications are in two stages. Preliminary applications of two A4 pages should indicate the purpose of the project, the likely costs and the research protocol. The institution or company to which the applicant is attached, a contact phone number and email and postal address must be included.  Please use the forms provided at http://aff.org.au/grants/grant-criteria/, notably the Preliminary grant application form for 2019, the grant application administration fee form, and when requested, the full grant application guidelines.
Preliminary applications will be accepted until 15th March 2018.
Full applications
Each preliminary application will be evaluated on closeness to the objectives of the Australian Flora Foundation, the scientific merit of the project, the likely success within the stipulated timeframe, and the availability of funds. Full applications will be invited from those which best fit the criteria. Full applications will be assessed by the Scientific Research Committee and successful applicants notified in September 2018. Funds will become available to commence research from December 2018.
Further information
For all guidelines and application information, visit the website: http://aff.org.au/grants/

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