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Intrepid Landcare "Wild Wellbeing" workshop - Otford (nr Sydney)

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11 Mar 2018 - 9:00am
Looking to kick-start your year with a new outlook on the way you use your time, nurture your self and connect with nature? Join us for a special morning of grounding, nature connection and self-care - something we could all do with a bit more of these days!
We are teaming up with the awesome crew at Govinda Valley to host an Intrepid Landcare Wild Wellbeing Workshop, amidst the tranquil vibes of this unique retreat property on the edge of the Royal National Park.
Hosted in collaboration with Amy Molloy, Hay House author and editor of Collective Hub, this workshop will explore how, in an increasingly busy world, connecting to nature can boost your emotional, physical and social wellbeing - and make 2018 your most fulfilling year yet.
Join like-minded people in some Landcare action on the property, hear stories (and feel free to share your own) about self-care tips which work for everyday people, and explore healing practices which can easily be incorporated into your life, to boost your resilience, contentment and happiness.
A unique Landcare project not to be missed, we hope you will join us for this mood-boosting, stress-busting start to the New Year.

Govinda Valley is a retreat project that has been enthusiastically serving the Australian and international community since 2006. Nestled on the edge of The Royal National Park in Otford, the property is dedicated to sustainable living, with a thriving food garden and bush tucker trail. They encourage visitors to explore the grounds and enjoy the soothing environment.
Amy Molloy is a journalist, Hay House author and content creator who has spent the past decade interviewing inspiring survivors about their coping mechanisms. Her new book, The World is Nice Place: how to overcome adversity joyfully, examines how to overcome the worst experiences of your life – whilst still hoping for the best.
Megan Rowlatt, co-founder of Intrepid Landcare, has been designing and leading outdoor adventure conservation expeditions across Australia and internationally since 2009. Specialising in environmental awareness, leadership development, conservation and sustainability, Megan is passionate about creating holistic ways which connect people to people, place, culture and nature, which also lead to improved health and wellbeing.
Cost: $65 pp
When: Sunday 11 March
Time: 9.00am -1.00 pm
This is a 16+ event
Welcome to the site, hit the great outdoors with some nature connection through giving back with Landcare, an interactive session with Amy and Megan on wellbeing and self-care techniques accessible to all, followed by some pretty darn good chai tea and a hot vegetarian lunch made with local produce and on-side ingredients.

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