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Foundation of Australian Agricultural Women - free teleworking training

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Certificate II and Certificate III in Customer Contact

In response to the initiative of the Foundation of Australian Agricultural Women to link employers with skilled women from rural and remote areas who can work from home, Aspin (a training consultancy organisation who employs teleworkers based all over Australia) is delighted to be able to offer nationally accredited qualifications in customer contact/call centre operations to enhance the employability of rural and remote women as skilled teleworkers in a range of industry areas.

The qualifications are Certificate II and Certificate III in Customer Contact. Training is to be provided FREE of charge to eligible women.

What does the training cover?

Certificate II

Certificate II level training develops entry level skills in the areas of telephony, call centre computing and customer service. Participants will learn about:

  • communicating effectively
  • working in teams
  • providing customer service
  • responding to inbound and outbound calls
  • using telephone and computer technology
  • occupational health and safety
  • telemarketing
  • managing work priorities.

Certificate III

Certificate III level training covers all of the above and also includes:

  • work priorities and development
  • managing workplace relations in call centre environment
  • using multiple information systems
  • managing customer relations
  • providing sales solutions for customers and
  • processing basic customer account enquiries.

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