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Volunteers required for Practical field day at Cadfor- Binda

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16 May 2016 - 10:00am

When: Monday 16th May 10am-2pm

Where: "Cadfor" 1486 Binda Road  BINDA

What to bring: Gloves, Shovel, Mattock

A modest level of fitness required. Lunch and morning tea will be provided

RSVP:  mary@upperlachlanlandcare.org.au phone 0459352892

This is a great opportunity to work with Cam Wilson and gain some hands on experience in  installing erosion prevention features.

About the day:

A series of works have been implemented on ‘Greenrock Creek’, on the Cadfor property, to reinstate a functional swampy meadow environment on the adjacent floodplain. Following an approval process, earth walls have been constructed along sections of the creek to:

  • redirect flow from the incised channel back onto the floodplain surface
  • increase the depth of water in the channel to enhance recharge of the adjacent floodplain sediments.

The field day will focus on practical works, installing erosion prevention features at the floodplain re-entry zones. Simple rock and fabric structures will be utilised to ensure that the chance of erosion is minimised during major events. A range of rock sizes will be utilised, meaning only a modest level of fitness is required to take part. Once the principles are learned, these structures can be easily replicated on small erosion features on your own property.

On the day, Cam will also host a walk along the creek to explain the siting of the works and the environmental benefits that are expected, both on the property and for downstream users. He will also discuss the approval process that was required for those who are interested.
What to bring:

This project is supported by Upper Lachlan Landcare , through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme.

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