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Sutton Landcare - Regenerative Agriculture-Solutions for the Anthropocene Era

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13 Oct 2015 - 7:30pm

Sutton LandcareSpeaker:  Dr Charlie Massy - Regenerative agriculture solutions for the Anthropocene era.

Venue:  Sutton School

The next meeting of Sutton Landcare will be held on Tuesday October 13 at Sutton School commencing at 7.30 pm. At 8.00 pm , our guest speaker, Dr  Charles Massy, will address us on the topic of Regenerative Agriculture.

 Charlie, is currently a visiting Fellow at the ANU Fenner School. He recently completed a Ph.D thesis  titled, “Transforming the  Earth: a study in the change of Agricultural Mindscapes”. His starting point in this research project was in seeing agriculture as a major contributor to environmental degeneration but also as a solution.
Charlie considers that the practices of industrial agriculture have played a major role in humans causing the crossing, or impending crossing , of nine of ten of the safe operating limits of a functioning Earth. Regenerative agriculture has many solutions to this complex set of problems , and his talk, after outlining some of the foundations of ecological literacy, will address these ideas and  solutions. His vision is that of a new broad-acre, ecologically oriented  agriculture that is both regenerating degraded landscapes and delivering,  on a sustainable basis,  high levels of healthy foods and fibre from biologically active soils.

The meeting provides an opportunity to hear from an acclaimed researcher and communicator on a topic that is critical for us all.

All are welcome to attend what promises to be a fascinating evening.

Further details can be obtained from Sutton Landcare Secretary Tony Redman ph 62303266.

David Vincent (President)



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