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Public consultation on draft audit framework for auditing the implementation of Catchment Action Plans

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The Natural Resources Commission (NRC) is seeking submissions on the Draft Framework for Auditing the Implementation of Catchment Action Plans (the draft audit framework) by Friday 30 November 2007. One of the NRC’s specific functions under the Natural Resources Commission Act 2003 is to audit the effectiveness of the implementation of catchment action plans in achieving compliance with the Standard for Quality Natural Resource Management and the state-wide targets, adopted by the Government in November 2005. The draft audit framework explains how the NRC will conduct audits to provide confidence and promote improvement.

The draft audit framework and the procedure to make submissions are available from the NRC website: http://www.nrc.nsw.gov.au/submodule.aspx?id=51.

For more information contact Tim Kirby on ph. 8227 4328, email:tim.kirby@nrc.nsw.gov.au

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