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Fox baiting program - FREE BAITS - Humula/Tarcutta

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Fox baiting program

Participation is now your legal responsibility!

The European red fox is now a declared pest species in NSW meaning there is now a legal requirement for public land managers and private landholders to control foxes on their land.

The most effective and efficient control is achieved through a group control program.


Tarcutta Valley Landcare Group

The Tarcutta Valley Landcare Group, in conjunction with Murrumbidgee Landcare's Cross-property
planning project
is offering landholders the opportunity to participate in a whole of landscape baiting program across the Tarcutta/Humula area.

FREE and subsidised baits

FREE FOX-OFF ® baits will be provided to landholders who are members of the Tarcutta Valley Landcare Group or the Cross-property planning project. Baits can be purchased at a 50% discount for all other landholders in the area (limit of 100 baits per property).

** Fresh baits can also be ordered at least 3 days prior to collection date.

Baits will be distributed on-farm towards the end of March to those landholders who have registered their interest in the program.

Registration: please contact:

  • Peter McCallum on 0269 289 563
  • Ainsley Wolter on 0410 724 231.

You MUST bring your current Chemcert card to obtain the baits.

FREE Chemical Accreditation

FREE 1080/Pindone Chemical Accreditation training will be offered through the Riverina LLS for landholders who require accreditation to use baits.

Limited to 20 landholders.

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Murrumbidgee Landcare Inc, Clean Energy Future, NSW Environmental Trust


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