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Frogs: A glovebox guide

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Frogs: a glovebox guideAVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE from Murrumbidgee Landcare.

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The glovebox guide, by Australian threatened species expert, Dr David Hunter, provides an accessible, comprehensive guide to frogs in the Highlands, Tablelands and Slopes of southern and central New South Wales.

The guide includes images, descriptions and rulers to indicate the real size of each frog species. Their habitat is described and their status indicated, identifying whether or not they are a threatened species.

The glovebox guide CD includes the calls of all the frogs listed in the guide. A must for identifying frogs;  an ideal tool for developing an appreciation of the marvellous world of frogs across our landscape.

The glovebox guide is a must for scientists, educators,  enthusiasts and land holders.  Identify the call you hear at night out your back door. Identify the frog you hear on a bushwalk. Help students explore the world of frogs and the music they make.


Individual copies - $16.50 each (GST inc) + postage.

Bulk orders
    6 - 99  $13.20 each (GST inc) + postage
    100 or more $11.10 each (GST inc) + postage

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