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Coolamon Central School Stage 3 Landcare excursion

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Coolamon Central School From Coolamon Central School Snippets  Week 3(B) October 2014.

Last Wednesday, 15 October, selected Stage 3 students travelled to ‘Coombiana’, a working farm at Downside. The excursion was courtesy of Murrumbidgee Landcare who provided transport on the day. The focus of the excursion was the sustainability challenges behind the production of the food and fibre we all use every day. The excursion included a range of activities at a single site on the farm. The event directly addressed the sustainability action processes outlined in the NSW Department of Education Sustainability Curriculum Framework.

Toni McLeish, the School Project Coordinator of Murrumbidgee Landcare, was kind enough to  send us a letter congratulating our students on their attentive and positive behaviour. The  presenters reported how exciting it was to share information with students who really seemed to enjoy what they were doing and hearing.

Some comments from students follow:

The day was cool seeing how you checked cows' teeth - Will Tokley

We tested soil to see which was the best for growing crops - Caitlyne Lewis

They showed us how to protect the environment - Lewis Thain

It's cool how they train a dog to get sheep - Rylan O’Sullivan

It was cool hearing water inside gum trees - Peter McCallum

We checked leaves for caterpillar damage - it was cool - Grace Altoft

I like trying to identify bugs - Braidan Henman

The Dog Whisperer asked us to name his new puppy - Lucy Dalgarno Fixter

Many thanks to Mrs Weatherald and Miss Looby who accompanied the students on the excursion.
Mrs White
4/5 Diamond


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