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Investing in community Landcare project

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Riverina LLSLandcare groups and land holders within the Riverina LLS region will be progressively contacted to participate in the Investing in Community Landcare project currenlty being run by Mal Carnegie of the Lake Cowal Foundation.

Lake Cowal FoundationFunded by Riverina LLS, the project proposes that there is considerable scope for Riverina LLS and Landcare to work closely together to improve knowledge and capacity to take action to restore, maintain and preserve natural resources across the Riverina.

The Investing in Community Landcare project, to be completed by the end of May 2015, will identify the key planning and capacity building activities to be coordinated across the region. Mal will work with Landcare groups within the Riverina LLS region with assistance from the Regional Landcare Facilitator and the local Riverina LLS officers.

This project will take the following steps:

  1. Plan group discussion/ planning session/ skills audit workshops - based on RLF/Iocal Landcare support feedback on local issues and whatever process participants think gives them the opportunity to have their say and to create a positive context for planning. As groups are all different this will be as flexible as possible for the different needs.
  1. Run group discussion/planning session/ audit workshop with up to 9 groups/networks - The aim of these workshops is to identify ways to build the capacity of Landcare in each local community. Locations will include: Harden, Hay, Leeton/Griffith, Lockhart, Cootamundra, Temora/West Wyalong, Wagga, Henty, Tarcutta, Junee, Tumut and Young. Use a facilitator if required. Options include:
  • Landcare NSW Hothouse workshops;
  • explanatory sessions on the Landcare NSW package of fact sheets on relevant (i.e. not necessarily all) issues relating to social media, duties of office bearers, record keeping, Work Health & Safety, attracting and managing volunteers, how to conduct meetings, etc.;
  • strategic planning process to identify long term goals and the steps needed to achieve them;
  • skills audit workshop with facilitator to determine future direction and skills required to get there; and
  1. Facilitator to prepare a summary for each group/network on what the current requirements and or capabilities are and what activities would improve capacity in each area.
  1. Prepare a plan for each group confirming activities that increase capacity.
  1. Implementation of priority actions in the plan will either be either through project funds (capacity building activities) or through future Community Partnership rounds (on ground activities).

Riverina LLS Officers will provide local support to this project. Capacity building activities will be recognised and supported in the Riverina LLS Local Landscape Plans.

Landcare groups or members requiring further information regarding the Investing in Community Landcare project should contact:
Mal Carnegie
Projects Manager – Lake Cowal Foundation
Email: mal.lake.cowal@gmail.com
Mobile: 0418370927

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