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Schools Round Robin

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15 Oct 2014 - 9:30am

Schools projectNearly 200 Stage 3 Primary School students from Wagga Wagga and Coolamon will be participating in a farm excursion to 'Coombiana'; a working farm at Downside (18kms from Wagga Wagga) 15th October 2014.

The focus of the excursion is the sustainability challenges behind the production of the food and fibre we all use everyday. The excursion will include a range of activities at a single site on the farm. The eRounD Robinvent directly addresses the sustainability action processes outlined in the NSW Department of  Education Sustainability Curriculum Framework. The Sustainability action processes involve:

  • Making a case for change

= the need to balance conservation and production on the farm.

  • Define the scope of the action

= investigating options for more sustainable agriculture.

  • Develop the process for the action

= farm planning.

  • Implement the proposal

= tree planting, changing production practices, encouraging wetlands.

  • Evaluate and reflect

= return of wildlife, visits from Superb Parrots, the call of frogs at nightwhilst maintaining a productive farm.

At 'Coombiana' students, in groups of 1 5, will participate in a range of hands-on activities at a series of 8 stations. Each activity (approx 1 5 minutes) will address a key aspect of the work and issues involved in maintaining sustainable farms.

Two time slots to choose from:
Pickup 9.1 5am TO 1 2.30pm including travel. (Fruit and water provided), or
Pickup 1 1 .45am TO 3.00pm including travel. (BYO lunch 1 2.1 5pm on arrival – fruit provided)
8 groups x 1 5 students = 1 20 students per session.

NO COSTS to schools.

Murrumbidgee Landcare will coordinate travel.

Fine weather excursion only. In the event of rain, the Round Robin will be cancelled.
BOOKINGS BY INVITATION ONLY– on first-come basis.

RSVP 8th August.
Toni McLeish Project Coordinator Murrumbidgee Landcare Schools Project
Joining the Dots: connecting kids, schools, Landcare and farming communities.
Ph 041 9400309 schools@murrumbidgeelandcare.asn.au


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