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Integrated Pest Animal Management Workshop

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22 Jun 2014 - 12:30pm

Sunday 22 June 12.30 – 2.45 pm

RB Smith Community Centre, 262 Crawford St Queanbeyan

Who should attend:

The Molonglo Catchment Group invites you to attend if you are a NSW or ACT landholder, land manager or involved in volunteer activities such as Landcare or Park Care.

The workshop is free of charge.

Purpose of workshop:

The purpose of the workshop is to inform attendees of current NSW and ACT pest animal management policy, as well practical options in controlling a range of pest animals found in the Molonglo catchment. The workshop will focus on pest animal management options for control of rabbits and foxes and then more broadly, domestic cats and dogs, pigs and goats.

Pest animals either are, or have the potential to be a serious threat to native flora and fauna and /or the agricultural economy.

The workshop will focus on the importance of using an “integrated pest animal management approach” so that when planning any control program, methods to control the various pest animal and weed issues on your property are addressed simultaneously.

The workshop will also inform attendees of what programs, training and support are available to assist landholders or volunteer groups to implement control programs.

Further background can be found at www.molonglocatchment.org.au/PestAnimals/Documents/foxes.pdf

Time   Topic   Presenter
12:30   Introduction and overview   Bernie Bugden, MCG Coordinator
12:40   ACT Pest Animal Strategy   Alison Mcinnes, Senior Policy Officer Environment & Sustainable Development ACT
12:55   Pest Animal Management Policy in NSW   South East Local Land Services representative
13:10   Integrated Pest Animal Management Options   Robert Brereton, Environmental & Agricultural Services Pty Ltd
14:15   Questions & Answers Panel session   All Presenters
14: 45   Close    

RSVP by 18 June to Bernie Bugden - Molonglo Catchment Group
coordinator@molonglocatchment.org.au or 6299 2119

The MCG acknowledges support provided by the ACT and Australian Governments who have funded this workshop under the Regional Landcare Facilitator program.

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