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Great Australian Dung Beetle Challenge

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Great Australian Dung Beetle Challenge
Landcare Australia has launched its first web based project involving kids, computers and poo!

The Great Australian Dung Beetle Challenge has been developed by Landcare Australia in collaboration with the CSIRO to help build more information on these fantastic little workers and where they live. The project is aimed at upper primary and junior high school students, and is a great way for kids to learn about their environment while being involved in a real science project.

As part of the project, kids will be undertaking practical work recording important scientific information which will help scientists to map the distribution of dung beetle species across Australia.

As well as playing a hands-on role in this project, participants will also go into the running to win one of three great prizes, including a Playstation 3, Water Monitoring Kit and Sony Digital Camera!

Registrations close soon.

Landcare Australia To be in the running for a prize, results need to be emailed in by 30 November 2007.

For more information and to register for your project kit head to www.juniorlandcare.com.au/dungbeetles

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