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Meet the Lachlan Fold Wildlife Action Group

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The Lachlan Fold Wildlife Action Group is an inspirational group of landholders straddling the border between the Murrumbidgee and Lachlan catchments.

The group is committed to creating a sustainable habitat for our native species, particularly the Glossy Black Cockatoo which in the Rankins Springs district is now listed as critically endangered. The group had its first meeting in June 2012 with 40 plus adult members and it revolves around family involvement for meetings, monitoring days and education opportunities. The Glossy Black Cockatoo is the primary focus at present but many other threatened species will benefit from the groups work. e.g. Major Mitchell Cockatoo will use the same nest boxes, small mammals will benefit from feral animal control. 

They were recently winners in the Lachlan CMA NRM Awards for their enthusiasm and dedication toward Glossy Black Cockatoo habitat restoration.

Find out more about the LFWAG in this great video from Lachlan CMA.


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