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Worm Egg Counting - Online one day workshop

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7 Dec 2012 - 8:45am


RuralBiz Training Worm Egg Counting Online one day workshop. 
Friday 7 December 2012 (8.45am - 4pm)
  • Use a microscope to identify worm eggs and detect infestations early 
  • Identify worm eggs under a microscope 
  • Do your own worm egg counts and interpret the results 
  • Use tests to determine which drenches are effective on farm 
  • Drench resistance is an issue in both sheep and cattle management 
  • Use WormBoss to help with your decision making 
Benefits of online training:
  • No travel time or travel costs 
  • Training is delivered to you wherever you have a reasonable internet connection 
  • Easy to use - interactive online training room 
  • Work in a group from a wide geographical area 

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