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2012 NSW Landcare Group Survey

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The NSW Department of Primary Industries is responsible for administrating the NSW Landcare Support Program and is responsible for providing information on the Landcare movement to the NSW government. They are conducting a survey of NSW Landcare groups.

The information gathered via this survey will be used for the following:
1) To provide accurate information of the total number of groups and individuals to the NSW Government.
2) To enhance the information in the Landcare Group summary reports published on the Landcare NSW website (www.landcarensw.org.au)
3) To enable groups to respond to two projects being funded by the NSW Landcare Support program - the NSW Landcare Insurance project and Beta Testing for the NSW Landcare Gateway.

This information will be used to inform government programs.  No information will be released to any third party unless a group is on CLIO (Community Landcare Information Online), then relevant existing information will be updated.
Please note that the information collected here will NOT be transferred to Landcare Australia Ltd. Groups wishing to update their information on LAL's National Landcare Directory must contact it directly.
The survey form can be downloaded below and must be returned to John Perrott (john.perrott@dpi.nsw.gov.au) by COB Friday, 31 August 2012. 
If you have any questions about the survey please call John Perrott on (02) 9895 7252. 
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