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These items are available for download or loan, at NO COST, to Landcare members, groups and Networks for community environmental activities, events and projects. Items are stored in the upper, mid and lower regions of the catchment for easy access by groups.

Contact the Murrumbidgee Landcare office or your Regional Landcare Facilitator for more information.

Purchase of some of these items was made possible with support from the NSW Government's Landcare Support Program.

RDA Guide to Successful Grant Writing

Regional Development Australia Central West have developed and released a Guide to Successful Grant Writing.

Copies can be...

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Rob Napier Learning Series: Towards a Successful Family Farm Future

After visiting 60 countries over 50 years studying the world’s leading farmers, Australian farmer and business consultant Rob Napier has joined Farm...

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Engaging the Next Generation of Landcarers

In a bid to make it easier for Landcare groups to attract young people, Landcare Australia has released a new ‘how-to’ kit designed to provide practical...

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Jewels in the Landscape: Managing very high conservation value ground-layers in Box-Gum Grassy Woodlands

This guide aims to help managers recognise, understand and manage Box‑Gum Grassy Woodlands that contain particularly high conservation value ground-layers...

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Jewels in the Landscape

Biodiversity and farming: finding ways to co-exist

Biodiversity and farming go head to head in two R&D projects. The struggles to both feed the swelling ranks of humanity and save our continent’s natural...

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Change your thinking, consider a native shelter belt

We know that farmers care about their businesses and the livestock they manage. They care about the land on which they farm, both for its current income and...

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Basalt to Bay Landcare Network

Soil for Food, Fibre and the Environment - Presentations

Soil for Food, Fibre and the Environment information day was held at  Sutton on 16 October 2015.
All of the presentations...
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Native Bee Hotels

Bee hotels are collections of tiny hollows for the use of solitary bees looking for a good place to rest up and deposit some eggs. The wide-scale land-...

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Native Bee Hotel

Productive agriculture and NRM: Finding the synergy

This paper was presented at the 2013 Landcare NSW Conference, by MLi's then-Chair, Emeritus Professor Ted Wolfe.

The paper looks at three...

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2013 Landcare forum

MIA plant guide

» An information guide to the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area...

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MIA plant guide


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